Sunday, December 13, 2009

Youtube Oven Microwaves Brain Whilst You Cook Dinner

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Internet Enabled Television Sets Selling Fast

Television sets ready connected to the internet are getting popular.
Across the world, sales of Internet enabled TV sets also known as IETVs are climbing and are expected to reach 87.6 million units by 2013, compared with 14.7 million this year. According to market researcher iSuppli.
The televisions work as standard but come ready enabled to use online services like YouTube, Flickr and Internet browsing abilities. The idea being that the viewer will have a more interactive experience.
There is a growing interest amongst TV buyers and also retailers which is pushing growth forward, says iSuppli. It has noted that over 85 internet enabled television models are available in the USA.
Falling prices on LCD and plasma flat screen TVs have also had an impact, says Randy Lawson, senior analyst at iSuppli. He commented:- “Brands are looking at ways to differentiate their TV lines from the competition. Adding new features helps not only with differentiation but also increases the possibility of charging a premium.
While television brands in recent years have focused on features like faster refresh rates, LED backlighting, improved dark levels and power savings, Internet connectivity now is emerging as new key feature.”
A report by Nielsen showed 57% of TV viewers in the US with Internet access, which equates to 128 million people are making use of both mediums at the same time at least once during each month.
With the rising popularity of websites showing catch up tv like Worldtvpc, Hulu and the BBC’s Iplayer, being able to watch internet feeds straight on your big screen with no messy cables or software installs is further pushing the growth of the IETV models

Monday, August 10, 2009

Internet Connected TV Sales Rising

For Internet TV lovers more used to watching content on the big screen, the good news is that sales of Internet enabled television sets growing rapidly according to reports from Quixel Research. This matches our prediction of Inbuilt Internet TV becoming the big thing for 2009

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

How to watch free streaming movies on the internet

If you have ever wondered how PC users get to see free streaming movies and TV shows. Then your in the right place. I will give you all thenecessary information to start watching today.

This may be obvious, but you need to be connected to broadband and preferably a fast one. Sound and moving images do not work well using dial up.

You will also need a selection of media players installed on your computer. They are all free to download. You will need Adobe Flash player, Windows Media Player and Apple Quicktime for example and probably already have them installed.

If your going to watch movies on your PC streaming live then the data has to be sent to your PC over the internet at a fast enough speed so you can watch without any hold ups. If your connection isnt up to it and cannot stream the video quick enough, the end result will be freezing screen, and patchy viewing quality whilst your computer waits for parts of the program to load up.

Now to get watching the streams just visit one of the hundreds ofwebsites around that have links to the movies and tv shows. One such site is that has a big choice of free streaming movies.

So just by using a simple search for streaming TV and movie websites on the internet you can see all of the latest movies and TV episodes anytime of the night or day. And because there are so many. You can easily find a better quality version or faster one if you wish

Most of these websites will stream the latest films just by clicking on a link so no further downloading will be required. Your streams should be running within seconds of clicking on the link.

The issue of legality has been asked by many. My answer is that while the content is online then it is there to be viewed. No one has ever been prosecuted for watching online movies from a website.

Get connected to to the lates internet television updates. Today you can start watching TV episodes and free streaming movies today.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Live sports movies and TV on your Toolbar

For all you TV on PC lovers there is a very exciting new FREE software download.

Imagine being able to watch the latest movies, live sports and thousands of internet TV stations all via your toolbar, an unobtrusive yet fantastically useful addition to your pc.

World TV Toolbar is propably the best Ie or Firefox plugin. You can watch many sport events (Soccer,NBA,NHL,NFL,other) live on Your PC screen. We have hundreds of high quality TV stations and radio stations from all around the world. You can easy watch Movies,TV shows and Cartoons with us or just find and listen one of millions of mp3's online

TV Toolbar Download - Great internet TV toolbar showing movies sport & much more

Toolbar TV Video Watch our video showing how to install our TV toolbar. Its a quick and easy way to have streaming TV channels on your desktop with nothing to run or load. Its always conveniently there!

Watch TV On PC - A great selection of live & recorded tv channels (Regular Updates)

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Truth about Online Streaming TV Channels

Dont purchase online TV packages promising cable or satellite movie/sport channels, Its a scam.
Internet TV is here with a bang.Television used to be shown via cable, satellite, or terrestrial systems. Today, with the increase in Internet connection speeds, advancements in technology, the increase of people online, and the decrease in connection costs, it has become increasingly common to find traditional television content, accessible freely and legally over the Internet. In addition to this, new Internet-only television content (that is not also distributed via cable, satellite, or terrestrial systems) has appeared.
Internet television comes in four basic forms:
  • TV channels and TV shows which exist only on the Internet.
  • Traditional stations that simulcast live on the net.
  • Traditional stations making select content available on demand at their website (this is especially popular with news channels).
  • Traditional TV stations making extra content exclusively for their website.
Parallel to this trend are attempts to more easily transmit existing pay-tv channels over the net, to a regular tv set, while retaining control over how the media is used. This is in order to protect the subscription and pay-per-view business models.
Many people and companies are selling free to view internet streams, but beware, these sites generally are selling TV streams that are freely available if you care to just look. To add insult many of these packages consist of a list of outdated links that do not even work. They quite often give the promise that cable and satellite Movie channels, sports channels and any other channels are available for a one time fee of a few dollars. But lets get real, No Cable or satellite TV stations are available for free on the internet. These companies are much too large and powerful to allow it to happen.
What you are buying is a list of free to view internet streams, remember this before you hit the buy now button.
We at SKS Services have compiled a site providing free to view online TV channels, providing a much greater choice than many of the paid sites.
We also supply a specially written software package containing over 2000 channels plus bonus items and your own web business with resell rights. These can all be found if you look long and hard enough, but we have put them all together in one stand alone package Gogglebox TV. When the streams move, we update the software for you automatically. There is a small charge for the software if you wish to purchase but its a minimal amount to cover running costs.
Gogglebox tv
Steve Sanger
owner of several websites
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